You’ve had a hard week. Your boss is running you up the wall. There’s been no time to relax or rest and you’re not sleeping as well as you’d hoped. It seems a drink is perhaps on the cards? A gin cocktail? Perhaps even, a CBD cocktail? Maybe you could combine them. After all, the CBD drinks and CBD alcohol industries are booming around the world.

In fact, in recent months, the CBD alcohol industry has exploded in the UK too. Like the low alcohol drinks industry, especially in dry January, the momentum is growing. In the USA, the industry is predicted to grow by almost 20 times the amount from 2020 to 2026. There’s a chance the UK joins the race towards CBD alcohol drinks popularity.

After all, CBD cocktails are a very convenient way to take your dose of CBD, which is even better when combined with a gin cocktail. You can even do it with a low alcohol drink too by adding MightyMe’s tasteless powder sachets or drops, having a CBD cocktail is easier than ever.

Our Favourite Pre-Made CBD Alcohol Drinks

But before we share some of our favourite CBD alcohol drink recipes, we thought we’d share a few ideas for your inspiration. MightyMe can be added into a variety of alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine, spirits, and cocktails. In fact, you can buy some of them with CBD already added so here’s a couple of examples.

·           CBD beer infused with CBD is being created by a number of breweries around the UK, including from brands like Cannabrew. We’re big fans of their Soul Lager and their Hops and Sunshine beer is another great low alcohol drink.

·            CBD wine has started to become increasingly prominent amongst CBD alcohol drinkers. Whether it’s a white, red or rose they’re rather delicious, but Rebel Wine is our favourite.

·            CBD spirits are great for CBD cocktails and there are many distilleries have started producing spirits, such as vodka or rum, that contain CBD. One of our favourites is Muhu’s sweet hibiscus gin which is perfect on a summer’s evening.

·            CBD cocktails are our favourite way to consume CBD alcohol. Some bars and pubs now offer cocktails that contain CBD, including Mr Fogg’s House of Botanicals in London. They do a delicious CBD cocktail with CBD oil-washed mezcal mixed with green Chartreuse, Acqua di Cedro liqueur, fresh lime and tarragon.

But, as with regular cocktails and other CBD drinks, our favourite CBD cocktails can be made by combining classic recipes with a touch of MightyMe . Our favourites are gin cocktails like Negronis, Gimlets, Martinis – you name it. Add a drop of MightyMe and you have a delicious CBD cocktail which is the perfect way to kick off a weekend. Here’s a list of our favourites.

CBD Cocktail – The Snow Burn

This delicious CBD cocktail recipe is our favourite party starter. It’s perfect for welcoming guests and is best-served ice cold on a warm summer’s evening. The flavours are cooling, giving it an ideal balance and complex profile to impress. A warm bite of ginger is chased by the coolness of classic mint. Then its all tied together with the splash of lemon which works an absolute dream.

·            One or two shots of gin

·            340 ml of Ginger Ale

·            A pipette of MightyMe Drops

·            A squeeze of lime

·            6 fresh, crushed mint Leaves

CBD Cocktail – Father Time

Now this CBD cocktail recipe is one that turns heads. It’s a gin cocktail classic, at least to us, while its delicious taste is outmatched only by its sophisticated looks. With its pairing of sweet elderflower and herbal thyme it helps you think you’re in a swanky cocktail bar.

·            One or two shots of gin

·            340 ml of elderflower Tonic Water

·            A sprig of Thyme

·            Two wheels of Cucumber

·            A stick of Cinnamon

·            A pipette of MightyMe Drops

CBD Cocktail – La Med

First things first, this isn’t a pasta recipe! But, believe us when we say this CBD cocktail is delectable. We love this gin cocktail as an aperitif before or with a meal, but it’s also an excellent option for someone tired of the sweeter CBD cocktail options and looking for something a little more sophisticated.

·            One or two shots of gin

·            340 ml of Tonic Water

·            2 x Green Olives (Pitted)

·            1 x Dash of Olive Brine

·            3 x Spears of Fresh Basil

·            A pipette of MightyMe Drops

CBD Cocktail – The Hail Mary

Tart, refreshing, yet with a substantial base note that will leave you wondering how you’ve never tasted this CBD cocktail before. This gin cocktail is elegant and refined, with accessible fruity notes from the strawberry and grapefruit that give the Hail Mary her signature reddish tones. The rosemary sprig adds complexity to the flavour profile.

·            One or two shots of gin

·            340 ml of Tonic Water

·            2 x Quartered Strawberries

·            One sprig of Rosemary

·            A Squeeze of Grapefruit

·            Pipette of MightyMe Drops