Peddle away my friends! You already know the benefits of home exercise – if not, you can take a look here. There’s many ways for home exercise. Treadmills, yoga, you name it. But there’s one method that really stands out to us at MightyMe. The humble exercise bike.

Whether it’s a folding exercise bike, a Peloton or even an Argos exercise bike, it’s an easy way to achieve a low-impact workout that helps you burn calories and shed some extra pounds. Turn on the TV, read your book or even peddle away while you’re working. There’s a reason why this form of home exercise has taken the stay-at-home world by storm.

Why Choose an Exercise Bike?

You see, it might seem obvious, but cycling is a great way to get a workout. And, if you do it in a stationary position on one of these you don’t have to worry about the rush of oncoming cars, traffic lights and even braving the elements.

It’s convenient, easy and say you have 15 minutes on your lunch break, why not hop on the saddle? Not only can it be easy on the joints, but fully customisable with features like adjustable resistance levels, built-in workout programs, and even interactive coaching with bikes like the Peloton.

However, with so many exercise bikes to choose from, where do you look? Spending the big bucks on Peloton bikes? Looking more cheaply at Argos for exercise bikes? The convenience of a folding exercise bike that you can pop behind the sofa after your workout. Keep reading, we have some choices for you.

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What Bike Should You Choose?


The Peloton bike has revolutionised the home exercise world. Since it came to our homes its combination of technology, content and charismatic instructors has kept thousands and thousands of people worldwide intent on remaining fit, in a sustainable and fun way. Even though Peloton bikes might be expensive – both between £1,000 and £2,000 – they are reliable and worth the cost if you can afford them.

However, one of the Peloton bike’s selling points is that they really started the trend of connected fitness. to empower our millions-strong community through fitness. No longer do you need to go to the gym to take part in classes. You can receive streamed, on-demand home workouts that do their best to replicate a traditional studio experience.

Therefore the live group workouts and the ability to follow a favourite instructor saves you scheduling and commuting to the gym for an exercise bike workout. Software like the live Leaderboard and even community events keep you inspired to continue with the exercise bike too.

So if you are really investing in an exercise bike, its clear Peloton is the way to go.


Wattbike has been around for over two decades in the UK and since then have been improving to become one of the best home exercise bikes you can buy. Not only are the bikes tough and well-designed, they measure every pedal stroke with precision to give you deep insights that help you gain the most from your workouts.

What really helps Wattbikes stand out is their build and design. They have smart automatic resistance which automatically changes the resistance of each workout interval, smooth gradient changes and 22 different gears. However, following along the Peloton bike trail, they offer personalised training plans as well as options to explore real-world routes or Grand Tour climbs.

You can also connect your Wattbike to ride with other home bikers while imagining you’re actually riding on some of the world’s most fascinating cycle routes.

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For those who find the Peloton a little expensive, the Apex bike is a great alternative. It’s followed on from the Peloton bike to create a home exercise world that challenges you in a social and gamified way.

The app’s real-time interactive leaderboards measure RPM and resistance so you can challenge others when you’re rewarded with Apex points. The app also displays the rider’s additional personal data including calories burned, total time, distance cycled, classes completed, and speed and then fully integrates with social media.

However, it’s the competitive element that really helps it stand out. It offers challenges and reward schemes to its riders so you can challenge your fellow riders and keep motivation high.

Not only is it effective with home workouts, it looks beautiful. Of course, the bike will spend more time on display than in-use. It comes in four different colours, is compact and mobile (even if not as mobile as a folding exercise bike) so it can be easily moved around the house.

Roger Black Fitness Gold Exercise Bike

Roger Black is an Olympic medallist who started an exercise bike company – Roger Black Exercise Bikes – 15 years ago. Since then, they’ve become one of the leaders in the space with both folding exercise bikes and static bike options.

Though their exercise bikes are designed for beginners and those keen to exercise more frequently, they are guaranteed to get your legs and heart pumping whenever you’re at home. Though they may not have all the features like the Peloton or the Apex, they are incredibly affordable.

Either you can buy the folding exercise bike for just £179 or the static bike for £299. If you don’t want to spend thousands then Roger Black’s exercise bikes might just be perfect and simple enough for you. And don’t worry – if you can’t find one you like, places like Argos have exercise bike options for you.