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Life After Lockdown: Prioritising Self-Care 3


Lockdown. Something we hope to never hear of again! At MightyMe, we’re taking things slowly and remembering it’s the small things that can help keep life in balance, setting some time aside for ourselves in amongst the gradually expanding social calendar. With that in mind, we’re sharing some of our tips for how to help maintain that balance and ease the transition back to socialising- as exciting as it can be, it’s understandable to feel daunted and stressed about turning your social switch back on!


MightyMe is here to help protect your MightyMe life post lockdown – Since England’s national lockdown ended on April 12th, the country has been enjoying its first few weeks of freedom with shops, pubs and outdoor restaurants all opening. Although we still have some way to go, this easing signifies the start of our return to normal life which is an exciting, yet at sometimes overwhelming, prospect.


Keep up the good parts of the ‘new normal’


One of the most important things to carry forward as we transition back to normal life, is remembering to keep up practices that have helped you through lockdown. Whether that’s meditation, daily walks, yoga or taking your daily dose of MightyMe, maintaining these small practices in your daily routine will help keep life in balance and ease any feelings of stress or anxiety.


Post lockdown – Protect time for yourself.


Taking small chunks of time for yourself each day to rest and reflect can be vital in managing anxieties and staying calm. We have all had many things to juggle over these past months and sometimes our own concerns slip to the bottom of a long list.


Making a cup of MightyMe herbal tea can be the ideal excuse to sit for a minute and gather your thoughts.


Spend time in nature.


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Life After Lockdown: Prioritising Self-Care 4


One of the unexpected, but very positive, changes in the last year has been an upsurge in our national interest and passion for nature and the outdoors. Gardening, outdoor space, hiking, tree-bathing….the outdoor way of life has proven powerful in protecting not just our physical immune systems but our mental defences too.


Now that the demands to be back in the office / in the library / at the school gate are back don’t lose that important human instinct to be close to nature. At MightyMe we are passionate about living a life powered by nature, hence our all-natural, organic products.


Sleep, rest, renew.


After a busy day of socialising or just being out of the house, sleep in the most important thing in helping you feel refreshed and ready for the next day.


Just a few small tips we are taking on board for ourselves at MightyMe as spring beckons. Remembering to make time for yourself and keep up those daily practices, even if they feel insignificant now, will be really beneficial for keeping your day balanced as life gets busier again. MightyMe time is more important than ever.