The humble mattress topper. For many, it is a complete unknown. For some, having a soft or firm mattress topper is an essential cog in the wheel of their sleep schedule. You might even be somewhere in between. You already have a mattress, a duvet, pillows, sheets or even a mattress protector. What else can mattress toppers provide? 

How Can a Mattress Topper Help?

If you didn’t know, a mattress topper lies on top of a mattress and provides an additional layer of comfort or support, particularly when the existing mattress is well-worn. There are many advantages to mattress toppers including:

  1. Improved support: A mattress topper helps distribute body weight more evenly which lessens pressure spots, aches and pains and generally supplies more support. If you have back problems, a firm mattress topper can be a great help. 
  2. Added comfort: Mattress toppers can be made of wool, memory foam or latex. Depending on the material, it can provide a layer of firmness or softness to a mattress that makes sleeping easier. If you prefer a hard bed a firm mattress topper will do the trick. If you don’t know what firmness you prefer, try a medium-level or try a topper with a removable cover. That will help you adjust the level by adding or removing layers of padding.
  3. Temperature control: Mattress topper technology has evolved and some are constructed from substances that assist control body temperature. That results in a cooler or warmer sleeping environment which helps if you’re sweating or shivering too frequently. Sleeping at an inappropriate temperature is a common cause of insomnia, so this technology could be very helpful. 
  4. Mattress protection: Mattress toppers aren’t just for comfort and support. They add another layer to prevent spills, stains, and general wear and tear. Therefore, a topper can help the mattress last longer.
  5. Health benefits: For those with allergies, a mattress topper can be a great form of prevention. Some studies have even proved this. Don’t like sneezing or scratching in bed? Choose a mattress topper you can wash below 60°C to kill the dust mites and therefore your allergies. 

Are There Alternatives to Mattress Toppers?

Perhaps you might be thinking a mattress topper is a little too expensive. There are a number of alternatives to mattress toppers that can help provide more comfort and support, such as:

  1. Mattress pads: These are small layers of padding placed on top of the mattress. This sounds similar to a mattress topper but they are held in place by straps or an elastic band. Sure, it won’t provide as much support or comfort as a thicker firm mattress topper, but it can still be very helpful. 
  2. Mattress overlays: These are foam pads positioned on top of mattresses to provide greater comfort and support. They might be firmer than your average topper but can be great if you have mobility problems, like getting in and out of bed.
  3. Adjustable air mattresses: If you want to change the firmness of your mattress from day to day then adjustable air mattresses are perfect for you. They have a series of air chambers that can be inflated or deflated to change your sleeping surface.
  4. Memory foam or latex toppers: Memory foam and latex toppers are perfect to distribute body weight and lessen pressure points, especially if you have a bad back. Though they cost a little more than other mattress toppers, they do offer a lot more comfort and support. Plus, they are cheaper than buying a memory foam mattress in the first place!
  5. Futons: Some people even use futons as mattress toppers to add an extra layer of comfort. For those who already have one in their garage or attic, they can be a money-saving alternative that still possesses many of the benefits of a mattress topper. The perfect student option!

What About a Mattress Protector?

But wait! Perhaps, your mattress is already working for you perfectly? In come the mattress protector – a cover to pop on top of a mattress for, you guessed it, protection. Here are a few reasons to use a mattress protector, including:

  1. Protect your mattress: Shock! A mattress protector should help shield your mattress from any spills, stains and other types of damage. Like anything, if you want your mattress for longer, you’ve got to take care of it. 
  2. Keep your mattress clean: It should serve as a barrier against allergies, dust mites, and other pollutants to ensure your mattress clean and sanitary.
  3. To preserve your warranty: The warranty guarantee on many mattresses will be revoked if the mattress is dirty or discoloured. Best to avoid that, so use a mattress protector to keep that guarantee safe.
  4. To offer comfort: Some mattress protectors are constructed of materials like memory foam or breathable textiles. Though it’s no mattress topper, it’s certainly better than nothing. 

Using a mattress topper or protector is a great way to sleep better, perhaps cure your insomnia, and relax more. To us at MightyMe, sleep is super important. That means having a mattress topper (and a mattress protector) is a no brainer.