Fitness influencers and their ‘influence’ on our communities fitness and wellbeing is significant, and with the rise of social media, there has been a surge in the number of fitness influencers, from The Body Coach, to Move with Nicole and Grace Beverly.

These influencers have become a source of inspiration and motivation for fitness enthusiasts across the UK. Offering them the support they need to stay on track with their fitness goals. 

From yoga to HIIT to stairmaster workout, these fitness influencers have something to offer everyone, regardless of their fitness level or interests. 

This article will introduce you to fitness influencers you should follow for motivation and home workouts

Get ready to be inspired, get fit, and live a healthy lifestyle with the help of these great fitness influencers.

Top UK Fitness Influencers

The Body Coach

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Who Is The Body Coach

From Richmond Train Station to Mega-Success: The Incredible Journey of Joe Wicks, The Body Coach.

Starting as a simple fitness instructor handing out flyers, Joe Wicks has skyrocketed to stardom with his best-selling Lean in 15 cookbooks and millions of social media fans. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, he emerged as the “UK’s PE teacher,” offering online workouts for kids during the lockdown. With a mission to combat the fad diet industry, Joe has proven that getting fit doesn’t have to mean going hungry. 

How Much Is The Body Coach App

Ready to get fit with the body coach? Here’s how to sign up and what it costs.

Through world pay, choose the one-time payment option of £97 or opt for the convenient three instalments of £42. 

With this, you’ll receive a tailored meal plan, access to recipes, a personalised HIIT training regime, and 24/7 support.

To get started, all you need to do is complete the comprehensive lifestyle questionnaire and food diary and snap a few current images of yourself. 

Within five working days, Joe will analyse the information you’ve provided and create a customised meal plan specifically for you. Get ready to be amazed by your results!


What Is The Body Coach 90 Day Plan

The Body Coach 90-day plan, also known as the Shift, Shape, and Sustain (SSS) plan, is a comprehensive program designed to help individuals achieve their fitness goals. 

This combines healthy eating habits with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises to target fat loss and build lean muscle mass.

The plan happens in three cycles: 

  • The first cycle focuses on shifting fat and getting back into the gym
  • The second focuses on shaping the body through weight training
  • The third emphasises sustainability and maintaining the results achieved during the first two cycles

According to The Body Coach, the SSS plan encourages individuals to eat more food than they would typically, promoting a healthy and balanced approach to nutrition.

For more information, individuals can check out The Body Coach’s Instagram page, where he regularly posts about his personal experience with the plan, shares recipes and meal ideas, and provides updates on his progress.


Move With Nicole

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[Image source: Move with Nicole]

Who Is Move With Nicole 

Based in the sunny climes of Queensland, Australia, Nicole is a movement lover and highly-skilled Pilates instructor. 

With her background as a dancer and gymnast, she brings a wealth of experience and passion to her classes, guiding individuals to find forms of movement that feel good for both the body and soul.

Move with Nicole is a top-notch, free Pilates program that offers a diverse range of workout videos. From full-body, hour-long Pilates classes to quick 10-minute targeted routines, there’s something for everyone. With an emphasis on breathing and relaxation, Nicole’s longer videos provide a well-rounded workout experience.

In addition to Pilates, Move with Nicole also includes yoga and barre content, allowing beginners to explore different types of movement and find their favourite without breaking the bank. It is an easy, cost-effective option for making the most out of working out at home! 


Grace Beverly (aka, GraceFitUK)

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Who Is Grace Beverly?

Grace Beverley, formerly known as GraceFitUK, is a trailblazer in the wellness world who rose to fame through her social media presence. 

Her talent and dedication transformed her passion into two successful direct-to-consumer fitness brands, TALA and Shreddy. Grace Beverly started as a choral scholar at St. Peter’s College, Oxford, and made a name for herself with her focus on fitness and veganism. 

Her lifestyle vlogging on YouTube and Instagram quickly gained popularity and attracted partnerships with leading fitness brands like GymShark and Genflow. 

With TALA and Shreddy, Grace Beverly continues to inspire and empower people and women to live their healthiest lives while working at being their own BOSS. 


What Is Shreddy

Shreddy is a combination of fitness technology and equipment, founded during Beverley’s university days. It offers users a monthly subscription that provides access to customised workout classes and meal plans through the Shreddy app. In addition, users can purchase fitness equipment from the brand. Previously, Beverley sold fitness equipment such as resistance bands under the brand name B_ND, which merged into Shreddy.


How Much Is A Shreddy Subscription

Grace aims to ensure that her customers receive the best value for their money by offering affordable products, subscriptions, and clothing. Shreddy has a monthly fee of £7. 

However, she occasionally offers special promotions at a lower cost. To stay informed about these deals, follow her on Instagram.


Final Say

The UK is home to many talented and motivated fitness influencers dedicated to helping individuals reach their fitness goals. 

From Joe Wicks, the Body Coach, to Grace Beverley and her brands TALA and Shreddy, these influencers offer a wide range of workouts and services to suit various preferences and needs. These fitness influencers have you covered!

Additionally, you can unwind with a CBD Dinks beverage or any other beverage after your workout. It will help you stay calm and hydrated.