March may be upon us and you may not have stuck to your New Year’s resolution? Why, well going to the gym is a real pain. Whether it’s a long commute, not getting on your favourite machines or not having enough time, there’s a solution. You may be too late for your resolution, but you’re not too late for getting that summer body with some home exercise. How? Well investing in a treadmill, an under desk one or a walking pad is your solution.

Treadmills are incredibly versatile pieces of kit that can provide a great cardio workout and help you achieve that perfect summer body. Burn calories, improve your cardiovascular health, and even boost your mood. Meanwhile, you can catch up on Netflix, talk to someone on FaceTime, even read your book (if you are able) all while exercising at the same time.

That’s the beauty of it. Want to have a heavier exercise session? Just raise the incline. Want a lighter workout? Lower the speed. Want to do it while you’re sitting down? Get a walking pad! Want to spend loads of money? Get a Peloton..

Of course, with so many options available, where do you start? Beyond pressing the on button, of course. Here’s a few tips on buying treadmills from MightyMe.

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The Walking Pad

Well, one option that emerged recently is the under desk treadmill or walking pad. These small and compact machines became popular throughout lockdown. Now everyone is working from home more often, it’s a great way for people to incorporate more movement into their workday, or even for those who want to fit in some extra steps without leaving home. If you live in a small apartment, walking pad treadmills can be great because they don’t take up as much space as a full-sized one.

It may seem funny walking while you’re sitting down or while you’re working, but under desk treadmills and walking pads can still provide a great workout. You see, walking is a low-impact exercise that is easy on your joints. If you’re just starting your fitness journey or like to feel busy, it can be a great option. It might even make work a little less infuriating!

Regular Treadmill

You might think a walking pad just isn’t enough for you. And that’s fair enough! Maybe you’re training for a marathon, love to get a sweat on before work or just love distracting yourself with TV before you exercise. No fret, there are a bunch of options available. Treadmills come in a range of sizes and styles, from basic models to high-end machines like the famous Peloton that offers immersive running experiences with interactive classes and coaching.

Some treadmills keep you exercising with specific routines, help you measure how far you’ve run and even your heartrate. By keeping on track of all of these, which is made especially easy with the boosted convenience factor, that summer body will be on the way.

Ultimately, the benefits of regular use can’t be denied. So, get ready to start sweating and crushing your fitness goals with the help of a trusty treadmill. But, which is best?

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What Treadmill to Use?


NordicTrack is one of the biggest and best brands in the world. Across treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals and rowers their comfortable machines help you start the journey to transform your body. NordicTrack have been around for years but now they have iFIT programs to let you experience routes like the Boston Marathon and even the mountains of New Zealand. Each of these virtual routes is guided by expert trainers who help users step up their game with interactive personal training, in a similar way to the Peloton.

Sure, some of these treadmills might be a little more expensive, but in the long run – pardon the pun – it’s worth it. NordicTrack also help you pay for the treadmills gradually so you don’t miss out on any of the treadmill benefits.


JTX offer a variety of treadmills, each compact and great for exercise. The JTX Movelight is great for achieving your daily step count. The JTX Slimline folds flat and is perfect for getting into regular running, without taking up too much space and the JTX Sprint-3 is more robust one but also offers a digital incline feature to give your home running or walking a cardio boost. Each of them are also a little cheaper than expensive brands like the Peloton or event the NordicTrack.

A great bonus is that many of their smart treadmills are directly integrated with Kinomaps and Zwift. That means these treadmills pass your running data to the apps on your iPad or phone, allowing you to run through virtual worlds and compete online. A great way to make your convenient exercise a little more entertaining.

Walking Pad

We get it. Running around takes a lot of time, whether its outside or even in front of the TV. That’s where the under desk one comes in. It isn’t limited by space, it’s accessible anytime, you can store it in small corners in small apartments and you can exercise while standing up.

The body of the Walking Pad can be folded 180° and with smart step sensing speed control. It makes light exercise very easy which then means better health, better morale and you guessed, it a better body just in time for the summer holiday.

The beauty of the Walking Pad is that it provides a convenient solution for fitness. Regardless of setting, regardless of time and regardless of commitment, the Walking Pad helps everyone exercise.- Genius, right?


Sole has been around for over two decades and their vision has always been to manufacture durable treadmills that work for everyone’s fitness level. Though they started with hotels, they have developed and grown quickly to create treadmills perfect for home workouts.

The Sole F80 and F85 are two pptions that offer durability, longer warranties, a large running area as well as new updates like an upgraded touch screen, all in a folding design. However, they also offer slightly more expensive models that don’t fold up. These offer improved safety, a smooth running surface and low impact on the joints.