What is CBD Tea?

What’s that you hear? A new tea is in town? That would be CBD tea, a fusion of traditional tea leaves and cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. This unique blend offers the best of both worlds—the calming effects of tea and the properties of CBD. Whether you choose CBD tea bags or decide to steep loose leaves with a drop of CBD oil, you’re in for an simple start to your CBD drinks journey.

The range of CBD tea benefits is wide, making it a popular choice for many health-conscious consumers, though the benefits are still being studied. Nevertheless, varieties such as CBD hemp tea include additional cannabinoids and terpenes, enriching the overall experience. But don’t worry, like other CBD drinks, this tea does not give you the “high” associated with cannabis.

Health Benefits Of CBD Tea

Whatever time of day, it’s always cuppa time. But making a cup of CBD black tea is not just part of your daily routine. It can offer a big health boost too.

  1. Bone Health: It might surprise you, but black tea contains these clever little phytochemicals like flavonoids and catechins. They’ve often been linked to improved bone density and reduced risk of osteoporosis in women.  
  2. Skin Health: You’ve probably heard the word antioxidant rather a lot. Many times, but there’s a good reason. Antioxidants that are abundant in black tea can help fight free radicals, reduce skin aging, and promote a healthy complexion. So when you have your next cuppa, think about that skin glow too! 
  3. Heart Health: That old chestnut. Tea is incredibly rich in antioxidants called flavonoids, which may help reduce the risk of heart diseases in men by improving blood vessel function and reducing cholesterol levels. So when you skip that morning cup of tea, you should think with your head to save your heart. 
  4. Prostate Health: A number of studies suggest that regularly consuming tea could be associated with a lower risk of prostate cancer, thanks to its polyphenolic compounds. In case you weren’t aware what those are (we weren’t either until recently, so don’t worry) they protect the body’s tissues against oxidative stress. 
  5. Cognitive Function: Ah yes, of course! The caffeine! This component in black tea can improve focus, mental alertness, and cognitive performance in men which means it great to start to the day with. There is roughly 1/3rd of the caffeine content in tea that there is in coffee.

Potential Side Effects of CBD Tea

But your everyday cup of tea couldn’t be perfect could it? While black tea’s health benefits are numerous, you can’t forget the potential side effects, particularly in excessive consumption or if you’re a little sensitive to caffeine. The possible side effects of tea include: 

  1. Caffeine Sensitivity: It’s a shame, but if you’re sensitive to caffeine in tea, you may experience adverse effects like jitteriness, insomnia, or even increased heart rate due to the caffeine content in black tea. So before you have your eighth cup of tea for the day, think about sleeping that night! 
  2. Stained Teeth: Sometimes its as simple as brushing your teeth, but if you drink cups and cups of tea your whole life, it may contribute to teeth staining. Sure, brush your teeth, but maybe be a little careful… 

How Popular is Cannabidiol Tea in the UK?

In recent years, CBD tea has seen a dramatic surge in popularity in the UK. Since the government made CBD legal in the UK, the availability of these tea bags in the UK has made it a go-to choice for many tea enthusiasts looking for something more than just their regular cuppa. 

The CBD and CBD drinks trend has penetrated the online marketplace as well, with CBD tea UK Amazon searches spiking significantly. As a testament to its growing demand, even established health retailers like Holland and Barrett offer the product alongside traditional varieties. But herein lies the question. Which tea is the best? 

What is the Best CBD Tea UK?


You knew this answer was coming. At MightyMe, you might have guessed, we’re rather fond of making our own CBD drinks. There’s something so simple about using your own favourite tea bags and adding a drop of MightyMe. Our water-soluble CBD is almost completely tasteless, it can be added to anything without you noticing – including tea. So maybe its time to pop some MightyMe Drops next to the kettle, so when you’re making your morning cuppa you get a pleasant reminder.

Holland and Barrett CBD Tea

Holland and Barrett CBD Tea 

Holland and Barrett’s cannabidiol page is one of the best places to purchase this product. Not only do they offer Body and Mind Botanicals CBD tea and Cheerful Buddha, they offer a wealth of other products. If you live in the UK, you can always rely on your everyday high street health shop to provide the best products. It’s just a shock they don’t offer MightyMe!

Body and Mind Botanicals CBD Hemp Tea

Body and Mind Botanicals CBD Tea is one of the biggest cannabidiol tea companies in the UK. That’s why it makes sense that they offer both loose leaf or CBD tea bags, giving you all the options you need. You also have the choice of the original flavour as well as chamomile, ginger and a wealth of other varieties.

Body and Mind Botanicals CBD Hemp Tea

Amma Life 

Amma Life offers a delicious and delicate floral flavour. Of course, they also choose the finest CBD-rich leaves grown by specialist farmers in Europe. It also helps the Independent chose them as one of their favourite cannabidiol teas. Oh, and finally, they offer a peppermint cannabidiol tea version.

Buddha Teas 

Buddha Teas are one of the best in the UK, so it makes sense why they’re featured on Holland and Barrett CBD tea page. Buddha Tea’s process means they are pretty reliable. For one, the CBD they claim to include in their cannabidiol teabags actually ends up in the drink. All four of their varieties (from matcha to chamomile) have also been tested to reveal zero percent THC. No need to check the label then…

Buddha CBD tea


Canndid offers a variety of teas that are infused with pure hemp flower. Not only is Canndid an excellent name, their tea options are delicious. Their fruit teas contain pieces of fruit, and include no added flavourings or sweeteners. Their chamomile tea contains whole chamomile flowers. A cannabidiol tea you can trust.


Edensgate is a great cannabidiol tea company coming from the UK. They offer a big mixture of unique flavours from peppermint and chamomile to even more off-the-beaten-track flavours like turmeric and ginger. Regardless, they offer flavours to suit every taste preference.

Edensgate is a great cannabidiol tea

Dr Greenlove CBD Tea

Dr Greenlove is a Dutch company who offer CBD hemp tea. One thing’s for sure, their lab-certified tea is made from premium grade cannabis buds and is produced under EU regulations. Not only does it offer a great way to get a CBD dose, it also tastes delicious.

Four Twentea 

Four Twentea is another fantastically named tea. But that’s not it. They combine a blend of delicious, ethically-sourced teas with premium CBD, all blended by experts. In fact, their Sri Lankan blender and tea expert handpicks unique teas from India, South America, Egypt, China, Kenya and South Africa. That’s quite a mix. 

Four Twentea CBD TEA

You can also find a range of cannabidiol teas on Amazon. A simple CBD Tea UK Amazon search will find you loose leaf teas, CBD oils or CBD tea bags as the market rapidly grows. However, for us, there’s only one good option for your next CBD hemp tea. Make your regular cuppa, and add a drop of MightyMe.