CBD Water: Our Hydration Fixation 

We all love a big, hydrating glug of water. Or rather, we all need a big, hydrating glug of water. First thing in the morning, before bed, after an intense workout or just throughout the day. It’s no secret water gives us life. After all, 60% of our bodies are water so it makes sense that experts recommend we drink 2 litres, or 10 small glasses every single day.  

But whether you prefer drinking with a water bottle, through a Brita filter, a bottle of pre-packed Fuji Water or with your mouth next to the tap, there’s probably a few questions you have about water. Maybe you’d like to know how to hydrate fast, the life-changing, body-boosting benefits of hydration, how to hydrate quickly and even – considering you’re here – how to make your everyday water a CBD water and turn any drink into CBD drink? 

What are the benefits of water?   

I’m sure you already knew that the world is 71% water. It’s a fact we learned in school, one our young kids remind us when we ask them what their teacher taught them that day, one that we remember for a reason. Quite simply, without water, where would we be? A lot thirstier, that’s for sure. But also lacking across countless other health and wellness factors. There are so many we couldn’t discuss them all, but below, here are our top 10. 

 It Flushes Out Toxins: 

Nature’s secret weapon, water, acts as a natural detoxifier, helping flush out harmful toxins from our bodies. When we stay appropriately hydrated, we support our kidneys in effectively filtering waste and maintaining the optimal organ function. Our dear readers, support the kidneys. They are your friend. 

It Promotes Weight Loss: 

This might seem surprising, but drinking water can aid in weight management and support your fitness goals. Water helps to curb appetite, increases metabolism, and assists in breaking down fats, making it an excellent addition to any weight loss regimen. Not only does swigging from your water bottle ease your thirsty throat after a workout. It many ways, it continues the workout for you. 

It Boosts Digestion: 

Here’s one for you to chew on. Proper hydration supports a healthy digestive system. Water is a huge help in the absorption of nutrients, the prevention of human’s great foe, constipation, and ensures smooth bowel movements. Check the Bristol stool chart! There’s no denying it, water is like a lubricant that keeps our digestive gears running smoothly and effectively! 

It Enhances Skin Health: 

Want healthy and radiant skin? Keep that water bottle or Brita filter to hand. Hydration improves skin elasticity, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and even keeps your complexion glowing. Remember, dear reader, if you want healthy skin, that journey starts from within! 

It Regulates Body Temperature: 

No one likes sweating excessively, but it’s just a part of body temperature regulation. In fact, staying hydrated is essential in the process, especially during physical activity or in hot weather. When you replenish fluids lost through sweat, water also keeps you cool, prevents heat-related illnesses (like the dreaded sun stroke), and improves your overall performance.  

It Supports Joint Health: 

Water isn’t just a lubricant for our digestive system, it’s incredibly helpful as a lubricant for our joints. Not only does it aid in shock absorption. Hydrate and you also reduce the risk of joint pain and inflammation. Drinking enough water is particularly important for individuals with conditions like arthritis, so imbibe away, my friend. 

It Helps the Brain: 

Swig on your water, otherwise you might not remember to. OK, it’s not that significant, but Einstein certainly stayed hydrated. Its no secret that hydration is vital to maintain optimal brain function. Dehydration can lead to cognitive decline, poor concentration, and reduced alertness, and though it won’t boost your IQ, by drinking enough water, you can stay mentally sharp and focused throughout the day and beyond.  

It Boosts Energy Levels: 

Oh, so you didn’t get enough sleep last night? Are you feeling fatigued? Or are you just not hydrated enough. Dehydration has a sneaky little way of manifesting as tiredness and low energy. By staying hydrated, you can fight off the fatigue and maintain high energy levels throughout the day. 

It Supports Heart Health: 

You know the heart? That big, pumping muscle on the left side of your chest that pushes blood around your body. It might not be surprising, but hydration plays a significant role in maintaining a healthy heart. Water helps transport oxygen and nutrients to our cells, supports proper blood circulation, and helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels. So next time you take a swig from your water bottle, remember what that means… 

It Improves Exercise Performance: 

OK, this one might not shock you. But next time you head to the gym, on a run or just a very fast walk, drinking a big bottle of water before you begin is rather important. In fact, the only way to maximise exercise performance is with proper hydration session first. Why? Well, water helps prevent muscle cramps, supports endurance, and facilitates post-workout recovery. So, word of advice. Never forget your water bottle!  

How long does it take to hydrate, and how to hydrate quickly? 

Now we’ve added a few more reasons to what you already know, there’s a few things to add to your now-encyclopaedic knowledge of hydration. So, let’s talk about how long it takes to hydrate and how you can hydrate quickly: 

First thing’s first, the amount of time it takes to hydrate varies on a number of factors including your activity level, temperature, and body size. Generally, it takes about two hours for water to be fully absorbed and utilized by your body, which is yet another key reminder to stay consistently hydrated throughout the day. If you go to the loo and realise your even less hydrated than you though, you can do it quicker than ever with these tips: 

  • Give electrolyte-enhanced water a try: Electrolytes – those things in rehydration tablets – help replenish vital minerals lost through sweat. If you want some flavour, give sports drinks like Powerade a go, or just add a pinch of salt and a squeeze of lemon to your water for an electrolyte boost. 
  • Eat hydrating foods: Did you know zebras hardly drink water by itself? They hydrate using food. It makes total sense. Many fruits and vegetables have high water content, such as watermelon, cucumbers, and oranges. If you can incorporate these into your diet to supplement your water intake, you’ll stay hydrated for a long time. 
  • Set reminders: This might sound silly, but what’s more important than your health! Maybe try smartphone apps or set reminders to prompt yourself to drink water regularly. It’s easy to forget, so having gentle nudges can be helpful. It even helps you get into the CBD routine, because why wouldn’t you want to add a little MightyMe to and make your water a CBD water? 

Don’t Drink Too Much Water 

However, we’ve all heard the horror stories when you hydrate too quickly. Not only do you feel super bloated, it can be even worse. Drinking excessive amounts of water too quickly can lead to some really rather unpleasant side effects. When you drink too much water it can swell your cells which can lead to symptoms like confusion, drowsiness, and headaches. No one wants that. 

Additionally, to dive a little deeper into the science, sodium is the electrolyte that is most commonly affected by overhydration. Drink too much and it can even cause a condition called hyponatremia. Because sodium helps maintain the balance of fluids in and out of cells, when its concentration drops, too much water gets into these cells which can have some pretty scary consequences.  

That’s why its sipping water from a water bottle throughout the day, filtered with a Brita water filter for clean and pure hydration, is a great approach. Hydration isn’t instantaneous and though water has enormous benefits, you can’t have too much of a good thing at one time. I’m sure your Mum told you that too! 

Our Friend, CBD Water 

In case you needed any more persuasion, water really is the elixir of life. Not only does it allow for a multitude of health benefits that can transform your body and mind. From a non-scientific stand point, it probably helps the soul too! So, remember to keep hydrating. But before we go, we should probably mention something.  

Ultimately, there’s a reason you’re reading this on our page. How about making your usual glass of water a CBD water or just have a CBD shot of water? It’s a convenient and simple way to consume your daily intake of CBD and absorb its many benefits. Having a CBD water also means you’re not consuming any sugar, alcohol or caffeine with your CBD drink. A CBD shot of water It is the cleanest way of consuming CBD in our opinion.  Perhaps you keep your MightyMe Drops next to the sink or on your bedside table close to your nightly water. Absorbing CBD into your routine, particularly with CBD water is beyond easy. All it takes is a stir.