So, can you drive on CBD? The road that is life is full of twists and turns, so its good for us to adjust quickly and effectively. Some things are better at helping us do that than others, notably, CBD for a sense of harmony and calm. And although CBD oil can be a great help there’s a few things you need to consider.  

You can look far and wide on our blog page to discover as much as there is to know about CBD oil, but there’s a reason we began this article with the “life is a road” metaphor. Well, because its time to discuss a fairly crucial question – “can you drive on CBD?”. Fasten your seatbelts gang, we’re taking a shortcut to the CBD highway. Questions about CBD and driving are important to answer, so ready, set, go! 

Does CBD Get You High? 

Let’s kick things off by fuelling our tanks with some vital knowledge. Though CBD comes from the same plant as its wilder counterpart THC (the illegal, psychoactive drug), the CBD high doesn’t exist. However, the reality is, with some CBD products, THC can be included too. Same plant, it happens. But in the UK, CBD has to toe the line.

So, what does the THC content have to be for CBD products to be sold legally in the UK? Whatever the container, it has THC must be limited to no more than 1 mg per container. So, unless you’re guzzling gallons of CBD oil like it’s your job (seriously, don’t), you’ll be absolutely fine. For more information on THC and CBD laws in the UK, click here.

Is it legal to drive on CBD?

As we shift into second gear, let’s the legality of CBD oil and driving. In the UK, driving on CBD is as acceptable as driving with a cuppa Yorkshire tea in your cup holder. The CBD oil and driving UK laws are in sync. Lawmakers have decreed that CBD products that are limited to no more than 1 mg of THC per container are legal. But what if you are taking the international route? Make sure you check the local roadmaps, because you don’t want your CBD road trip to end in an international incident. 

Can you (actually) drive on CBD? 

Third gear: let’s get down to it. Can you drive on CBD oil without losing control or forgetting what you’re doing? Don’t worry, driving on CBD doesn’t work like that. It may instil a sense of calm so there’s less chance of road rage. However, for some motorists, taking a drive on CBD might be a little too relaxing. We don’t want to doze off behind the wheel now, do we? Therefore, it’s worth trying out your dose before taking CBD and embarking on any CBD driving UK escapades. Of course, that starts with research. 

What happens if the police stop you? 

We got into fourth gear quickly there. Picture a sunny afternoon, you’re cruising down the road, thinking what are the CBD driving laws UK and by some coincidence, the police flag you down. Your heart is racing as you wonder if the CBD oil is about to land you in hot water. However, it’s no worry. In the UK, as long as your CBD oil follows the CBD law of each container being limited to 1 mg of THC per container, you’re smooth driving! That’s why it’s so important to check whether you’re buying the right product for CBD and driving and beyond.  


Alright, we’ve hit the final lap. Let’s summarise the question, just in case you missed it – can you drive after CBD? In the UK, you get a green light as long as your CBD is sticking to the law. But remember, driving is a responsibility. Like a cautious driver on a foggy country lane, be keenly aware of how CBD affects you. Are CBD drinks safe to cruise with? If you’re not fighting off a nap and your CBD is law-abiding, then yes. Happy driving on CBD all!