“Red eyes, burning like fire…!” That famous Art Garfunkel song from the 70s that discusses the question “does CBD make your eyes red?” That’s a question we’ll get to, but red eyes are generally associated with THC, the psychoactive part in cannabis. And don’t worry, we know Paul Simon’s former singing partner is actually singing about bright eyes, though we would have loved if he’d written a song about CBD oil

Does CBD Make Your Eyes Red?

If you’ve never tried CBD before, it’s time for us to address a general misconception that it might be responsible for those high red eyes. But let’s bust that myth, CBD isn’t the chemical that makes your eyes red. That goes to THC, the same one that causes the munchies and makes you feel high. 

However, lots of CBD products do contain some THC, even if it is an incredibly small amount. So there’s the answer to “does CBD make your eyes red?” Not quite, but there’s a twist in the plot! 

Why is CBD Not Responsible for Red Eyes? 

Delving deeper, CBD lacks the traits of THC to bring forth the high red eyes. But, why? CBD is non-psychoactive and generally doesn’t affect blood pressure the same way THC does. CBD’s side effects may include dizziness or fatigue, but nothing anywhere near as intense as the effects of THC. 

Why Does THC Cause Red Eyes? 

THC, CBD’s notorious cousin, is a known accomplice of high red eyes. THC lowers blood pressure, which causes blood vessels and capillaries to dilate. The eyes’ blood vessels are no exception, and their dilation leads to an influx of blood, causing – you guessed it – red eyes. It doesn’t matter if THC is inhaled or ingested, those red eyes will come calling. That’s right, the other question. “Do edibles make your eyes red?” Not CBD edibles, but THC edibles certainly do. 

How to Get Rid of Red Eyes? 

If you made the illegal venture into THC territory, it’s no surprise your eyes go as red as cherry tomatoes. But what to do? Well, first, we’d assume this was caused by a number of other things, but we’ll dive into that later. 

However, if you do have high red eyes, then a little TLC for THC is in order. Over-the-counter eye drops, cold water, and a cool compress could do the trick. As always, hydration is a saviour. Therefore, you should always drink up, keep a water bottle by your side and avoid smoke-filled environments. They may not be superheroes, but these remedies can help battle those high red eyes. 

What are the Causes of Red Eyes? 

What drugs make your eyes red? While THC is one culprit of red eyes. Allergies, dry air, staring at screens, eye strain, and even a good old cry can turn your eyes red. So, if you’ve been blaming that one time you tried CBD for your eye woes, it might be time to reconsider. Though CBD comes from a similar plant to psychoactive cannabis, it’s not the cause of those high red eyes. The real adversary might have been that all-night binge-watching Netflix session! 


As our journey draws to a close, it’s clear that CBD, the protagonist in our tale, isn’t the red-eyed villain. CBD’s arch-nemesis, THC, is usually the mastermind behind CBD oil side effects eyes turning red. So, first-time CBD buyers, there is no need to worry or fret! Your wellness quest can continue with eyes as clear as day.