Is CBD legal? Or is CBD illegal? What about CBD oil? You’ve probably seen the news. Around the world, marijuana is having a moment. But we’re not into the CBD high element; that’s for the Dutch and the Americans. Instead, let us delve into the ever-so-intriguing riddle: “Is
CBD oil legal?” Let us hold up a magnifying glass up to the question in one hand while you swill your cup of herbal tea in the other.

The CBD oil legality labyrinth is a long and meandering one with many twists and turns, and though we won’t dive into all of the details (for the sake of not boring you too much) our journey will take us across continents, through time, and into the very heart of the CBD oil craze that is taking on the world. All we can say is, fasten your seat belts. 

What is the Law on CBD Oil in the UK? 

We begin at home. Our green and pleasant land of Shakespeare, fish and chips, and now – CBD UK style! It’s a fair question, “Is CBD legal in the UK?”, or even, if you know your stuff, “Is cannabidiol legal in the UK?”. Indeed, CBD is as welcome in the UK as a well-brewed cup of tea on a rainy day, a spot of cricket or a cucumber sandwich. 

However, in this plot, there’s a twist or two. According to CBD law UK, our CBD containers must not contain more than 1mg of THC, regardless of how big that container is. So you could have one tonne of CBD with a maximum of 1mg or a small tincture. Either way, 1mg is the max.

There is a common misconception that CBD oil is legal when the THC content is less than 0.2% of the overall composition. This refers to the cultivation of hemp, whereby the flower of the hemp plant must not contain more than 0.2% THC. 

And what about CBD age limit UK? There is no official age requirements for CBD. In fact, CBD can be found in breast milk. So that would put some babies at serious risk of breaking the law. There is again, a misconception that the princely age of 18 is required for buying and taking CBD.  But this is false and merely a guide line.

What’s more, gummies are legal too, providing they follow the low-THC, edibles UK law! For more information on the CBD laws in the UK, click here to take a look at the government website.

When did the Law on CBD Oil in the UK Begin? 

Let’s travel back to 2016, when CBD oil UK laws and were hardly on the horizon. Suddenly, everything changed, and the British government heralded a new era, declaring CBD oil legal. That’s right – CBD law UK came to the rescue.

From that moment onwards, phrases like “CBD oil UK” became woven into the fabric of daily British life and soon afterwards, MightyMe began. 

Where can I buy CBD Oil Legally in the UK? 

Fancy buying some CBD oil, CBD gummies or CBD vapes? Fret not! You can pretty much buy legal CBD oil across the UK and online, including in our trusty shop. That’s right. On high street health shops and online retailers are waiting to serve you. If you venture to the pharmacies, don’t be startled to find CBD oil UK style mingling with other wellness products as it grows in popularity.

Just ensure you’re well-versed in edibles UK law and the CBD oil law UK, so as not to ruffle any legal feathers. Next up, what countries is CBD legal in?

Is CBD Oil Legal Across Europe? 

Now, let’s set sail to the European continent, a tapestry of history, culture, British holiday makers and – yes, you guessed it, CBD! When it comes to CBD legality, Europe is even more accepting than the British Isles.

Some places, such as the Netherlands, are incredibly relaxed about CBD. Other countries, like France, only permit a specific kind of CBD. Whether you’re travelling abroad or buying abroad, it’s always safe to be savvy with local laws, and keep an eye out for the mischievous “is cannabidiol illegal” clause that may pop up! 

Is CBD Legal in the USA? 

Across the Atlantic to the land of the free, home of the brave, and the domain of somewhat complicated CBD laws! On a federal level, Uncle Sam welcomes CBD oil derived from hemp with less than 0.3% THC.

But wait – each state has its own laws too! While California, Illinois and a number of other states have legal CBD laws, places like Idaho are not so welcoming. Brush up on your CBD oil state laws unless you fancy an unintentional Wild West adventure!

Is CBD Oil Legal in Other Parts of the World? 

In other parts of the world like Canada, CBD elicits a friendly “Eh, no problem!” Meanwhile, in China, it’s absolutely forbidden. Australia keeps things tightly regulated but South Africa embraces CBD, but keeps THC on a tight leash. Once again, when it comes to CBD legality, be careful, otherwise there could be a major issue.


So, is CBD oil legal? Well, as you can tell, it’s a pretty hard question to answer. Ultimately, it’s varied beyond belief. The CBD laws UK may be confusing but it remains legal, but across the varying landscapes of the USA and beyond, CBD oil is justifyingly becoming more popular across the world, by the day.