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CBD Faqs
  • What is CBD?

    CBD FAQS, is an acronym for cannabidiol. CBD is renowned for its positive therapeutic properties associated with cannabis, devoid of the potentially negative aspects that induce intoxicating or psychoactive effects. Our bodies naturally produce cannabinoids, collectively known as endocannabinoids (‘endo’ meaning within). In contrast, cannabinoids derived from hemp are termed phytocannabinoids (‘phyto’ meaning from the plant). The plant Cannabis Sativa boasts the highest concentration of CBD, harboring over 113 diverse types of phytocannabinoids, or plant-based cannabinoids.

  • What is CBD Used For?

    MightyMe CBD can simply be used as a part of daily wellbeing, a gentle way to reset our ECS and bring us back to balance. However, CBD is also used across the world for a huge variety of physical and mental conditions, including: anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, chronic pain, MS, depression, psoriasis, Parkinson’s, PTSD and many others. Whilst it is never a replacement for medical treatment, there is a wealth of research to demonstrate the power of this incredible plant. Please always consult your medical professional with any questions or concerns.

  • How do I find the right CBD for me?

    Discover the simplicity of integrating CBD into your daily routine with MightyMe CBD, designed to be the easiest and most hassle-free addition to your diet. Unlike many CBD products on the market, Mighty Me CBD stands out as a versatile solution, catering to various physical or mental challenges you may face throughout the day, be it sleep aids, muscular pain, or relaxation needs. Crafted with a taste far milder than typical CBD oils, Mighty Me CBD offers an organic, vegan, non-GMO formulation, ensuring a delightful and wholesome experience. Explore the natural solution to your CBD FAQs with Mighty Me.

  • How do I know how much to take?

    In powder or drops form, MightyMe CBD formulation is up to 9X more effective than standard CBD oils – so, you may feel the impact more vividly. This is just the CBD doing its work, but you can always adjust the dose downwards to a level that feels comfortable for you – just a pinch in a drink may be enough on some days, on others you will wish to enjoy a fuller dose.

  • When should I take CBD?

    Feel free to explore what suits you best – whether it’s the quick reset offered by MightyMe CBD Drops or the consistent addition of MightyMe Daily to your morning routine. Here at MightyMe HQ, mornings are our go-to, seamlessly blending it into a refreshing smoothie or juice. For those restless nights, a dose in a calming herbal tea has proven to be a soothing alternative. Meanwhile, the convenience of MightyMe Sachets has come to the rescue during moments of mild unease or a demanding journey. Curious about CBD? Check out our CBD FAQs for more insights. Remember, the key is balance. While our maximum recommended daily dose is 70mg, we’ve found that an optimal range between 10mg and 30mg a day tends to strike the right chord for many. So, whether you’re seeking a daily ritual or a sporadic wellness boost, MightyMe CBD adapts effortlessly to your lifestyle.

  • Are there any physical side effects?

    There have been no cases of negative side effects involving human consumption and controlled application of CBD. When you first introduce MightyMe CBD we always recommend starting with a lower dose, and then building up as needed; some people need to introduce it very mildly into the system, for others a stronger dose carries more impact. As with any new health regime, if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or are on any medication then please consult your doctor beforehand.

Online Orders Delivery FAQs
  • What delivery service does Mighty Me use?

    All UK orders dispatched from our Portsmouth warehouse are shipped with Royal Mail.

  • How long does it take for orders to be dispatched?

    Standard delivery:

    Dispatch of your online order from our UK warehouse will generally take between 1 to 3 business days from the time of your order being placed.

    Please note that dispatch timeframes do not include public holidays or weekends.

  • How long will my order take to be delivered?

    We ship all orders with Royal Mail, which has provided the following estimates for delivery.

    Domestic shipping timeframes:

    Standard: 2 to 4 business days.

    International shipping timeframes: Royal Mail estimates international delivery can be up to 10 to 28 business days. Please note that this is a guide only and does not include any customs processing time upon arrival at the destination.

  • I haven’t received my order yet.

    Patience is a virtue! But sometimes, it’s necessary to follow up. If your delivery time has passed the estimated time frame, and you cannot track your order, please contact our Customer Care team here

  • What are Mighty Me’s shipping costs?

    Delivery within the UK:

    Standard shipping is FREE for all online purchases of £50 and above within the UK. Yay. But for orders of £50 or less, please see below:

    Standard shipping — 2 to 4 business days — £3.99

    Please note the free shipping offer and shipping costs are subject to change without notice.

  • Does Mighty Me ship to PO boxes?

    We sure do! Please enter your PO Box address into the delivery address field as normal

  • Is VAT included in UK orders?

    Good question with a simple answer: yes.

  • When do I need to place Christmas orders by?

    For standard delivery, please order by 14th December

CBD Wholesale FAQs
  • Does Mighty Me sell wholesale?

    We sure do! MightyMe is proud to be stocked in premium hotels, restaurants and retailers. To find out if your business is eligible to become a CBD wholesale partner, please submit an inquiry here

  • When will my CBD wholesale order be delivered?

    All orders for delivery within the UK are shipped from Portsmouth with Royal Mail.

    The estimated delivery window is from 1-3 working days from dispatch.

    If your delivery has passed the estimated time frame, please reach out to us at hello@themightyme.com and we will investigate further.

  • What is my minimum order value?

    The minimum order value for wholesale is a single case of either retail ready or bulk powder starting at £250.

Online Orders FAQs
  • How can I track my order?

    Tracking details for your online order will be included in your ‘shipping confirmation’email. This is generally sent 1 to 3 business days after you place your order. If you’ve received your order confirmation but have not received a dispatch email after 3 business days, please let our Customer Care team knowhere. Please note that during peak times, this dispatch time may be longer.

  • Something is missing from my order.

    Our bad! Please get in touch with our Customer Care teamhere. Pleaseinclude photos if possible, as this will help the Customer Care team process your query faster.

  • I have received a broken, faulty, or wrong item.

    Oh no! Please get in touch with our Customer Care teamhere. Please include photos if possible, as this will help the Customer Care team process your query faster.

  • My delivery address is wrong! Can I amend the delivery address?

    Not to worry, you can redirect your order with Royal Mail once you have received thedispatch notice that contains tracking details. Due to our system being automated, once your order has been placed, we cannot amend your delivery details. We highly suggest that you double, triple, quadruple-check your cart and details before checking out.

  • Has my order gone through successfully?

    All successful orders will display an on-screen confirmation message and you will receive an order confirmation email. This can sometimes pop into your junk folder, so don’t forget to check that too!

  • My order says ‘fulfilled’ but I haven’t received it yet.

    Sorry for the confusion! And allow us to explain. When your order status is ‘fulfilled’,this means our warehouse team has successfully dispatched your order and it is currently on its way to you. If you haven’t received tracking details, please contact our Customer Care team here.

  • Do I have to create an account to shop with MightyMe?

    Not at all! If you’d prefer to shop without creating an account, you can check out as a guest.

Our Products FAQs
  • How do I use MightyMe?

    Great question! MightyMe CBD advanced formulation is water soluble and almost completely tasteless. That means it can be easily added to one of your daily routines without messing with your flow!

    Add MightyMe to your morning coffee, tea or juice to help start your day. Perhaps your evening peppermint tea before bed? Maybe add MightyMe to a post-workout smoothie or meal? Or even try MightyMe in a weekend or evening cocktail.

    For more ways on how you can integrate MightyMe CBD into your daily routines, contact our customer care team here.

  • How should I store my MightyMe products?

    To ensure your MightyMe CBD stays fresh, we recommend you keep it out of direct sunlight. MightyMe can be stored next to the kettle on the kitchen bench, next to your bed, in the fridge or in the pantry. It’s up to you.

  • Where does MightyMe source its CBD?

    MightyMe CBD is sourced from Organically Grown Hemp in Northern America and the UK.

  • Is MightyMe suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

    ll our products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We always recommend checking the ingredient lists for your peace of mind.

    If you are concerned about the presence of animal products in any of our products, please get in touch with our Customer Care team here.

  • Does MightyMe use any flavoring in its products?

    MightyMe uses no flavourings in any of its products.

  • Does MightyMe contain caffeine?

    No, MightyMe contains absolutely no caffeine. But MightyMe Drops do go great with coffee and Tea.

  • Does MightyMe contain sulphites?

    No. We formulate all our products without the use of sulphites.

  • Are MightyMe products halal or kosher?

    At this stage, our products currently aren’t halal or kosher certified.

  • Does MightyMe CBD expire?

    To ensure that your CBD is enjoyed at its optimum taste and freshness, we do have a best-before on the product. This is located on the box or on the back of our label.

Returns & Refunds FAQs
  • What is the MightyMe return policy?

    We hope you love your MightyMe products as much as we do! If you are unhappy with your purchase, you are welcome to return the item to us within 30 days of purchase, provided you have your proof of purchase and the product is in its original saleable condition. Please note we are unable to accept returns or exchanges for our CBD products once they are opened. If you would like more information, our friendly team is always happy to help. You can reach out to our Customer Care team here.

    In the event that your product is faulty or does not match its description, then a refund will be made in its original payment method, or store credit will be awarded.

  • How do I return an item purchased online?

    If you have purchased online and you’d like to make a return, please contact our Customer Care team here. Please ensure that you have your order number handy. Please note if you wish to receive a refund for items purchased online, we do not cover the cost of returning these items to us.

  • How long will my refund take?

    Please contact our Customer Care team here if you need to complete a refund. You will receive a confirmation email once your refund has been arranged. Once processed, you will receive your refund within due course – according to your financial institution.

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