🌟 Formely MeeCBD 🌟


We founded MightyMe with a simple goal: to create an effective, affordable all-in-one CBD solution. Our motivation stemmed from seeking relief for my dad’s discomfort during his cancer treatments and evolved into a desire to share CBD’s calming benefits with everyone.

Initially, we launched as MeeCBD with five different product formats, which proved to be overly complex and costly. Learning from this, we streamlined our efforts into one versatile product and rebranded to MightyMe. This singular CBD solution is rapidly absorbed, cost-effective, and simplifies our operations—savings we pass directly onto you.

MightyMe is designed to be used exactly how you need it: in a drink, as a dropper, or as a muscle rub, showcasing its adaptability. While other brands may offer more flavors or options, we focus on empowering you with a high-quality, versatile product that fits your lifestyle.

We invite you to explore the various ways to use MightyMe on our website and hope it helps you find your inner might to breeze through your day. Join us on this journey to harness the true potential of CBD.

James, Oli and all the Team past and present.  Thanks guys.