CBD drinks have exploded onto the UK market at some pace.  One day, they were nowhere. And now, they are everywhere. TRIP Drinks, Goodrays, Medahuman, the list seems to be endless. There are even Trip Drinks adverts on the London Underground, in WHSmith and even CBD drinks in Tescos. In this day and age, things change quickly.  

Testament to their rise is a report 2021 by the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry that found the UK’s CBD market to be valued at £690 million.

That’s a growth of more than double in just two years! When you talk about the global CBD drink industry, one study found the CBD drinks market – valued at 2.83 billion USD in 2021 – is predicted to reach the value of almost $9 billion by 2029. Now that, my friends, is fast! 

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And you may now be wondering, what are our favourite CBD can drinks? 


At MightyMe, you might have guessed, we like making our own CBD drinks.  So, not strictly a can, more your favourite mug.  In fact, much more sustainable.  But as far as we’re concerned, rather than opting for Trip drinks or Goodrays’ drinks, there’s something simple about using your own beloved recipes whilst still taking a dose of CBD.

Because our water-soluble CBD is almost completely tasteless, it can be added to anything without you noticing. Perhaps pop it next to the kettle, so when you’re making your morning cuppa or coffee. That way it’s easy to remember and easy to add.  

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However, there are still some fantastic CBD drinks on the market in the UK. Sure, the majority of them only offer a 15mg dose of CBD (in comparison to 20mg with MightyMe) but whether its from Trip CBD

Drinks to Goodrays’ CBD drinks to CBD gin and tonics, there are some delicious options for you to enjoy. But once again, we’ll remind you, there’s nothing like an affordable CBD addition to your favourite customised drinks. Nevertheless, let’s explore the best CBD drinks UK.

Trip Drink  

Trip drink are one of the UK’s biggest and brightest new CBD companies. You’ve probably seen their hangxiety adverts in a bus stop or their simple but attractive can branding in Tescos or another supermarket.

And there’s a reason they’re popular. Trip CBD drinks offer some great flavours (elderflower mint is our favourite) which cost only £2 a can, there’s no added sugar and its less than 20 calories. So, as a Trip CBD drinks review, give them a shot. 



Goodrays CBD drinks are Trip CBD drinks’ key competitor – in fact, they were the first launched in the UK. Some bright and tropical flavours like raspberry and guava are supplemented by 30mg servings in each, which is seriously great value considering Trip CBD drinks’ only offer 15mg per can.

Plus they only work out at less than £3 a can and you can buy their product in major supermarkets. One thing’s for sure – if you fancy a fruity CBD drink Goodrays are a great option.  



Medahuman are one of the new kids on the block. Not only are their cans swanky and clean-looking, the drinks themselves delicious, each can contains nutrients, adaptogens and nootropics as well as CBD.

The addition of ingredients like turmeric and even valerian root show that Medahuman really listen to the wellness experts out there and want to take care of their customers.  



INTUNE are a London-based brand with some great flavours like the delicious pomegranate and ginger CBD drink. They’re refreshing, lightly sparkling and fruity and in short, perfect for a summer’s day.

While they only include 10mg CBD and still cost over £2 a can, it’s a great option. Especially as some CBD is better than none.  


Calm Drinks 

Calm Drinks really do what they say on the tin. Rather than opting for fancy flavours like Trip CBD drinks and Goodrays CBD drinks, why complicate things? That’s why the simple flavours like cola, lemon & lime, orange and mixed berry make so much sense!

Why stress about the presence of yuzu when you can drink flavours you know and love. They even do CBD coffee and other options like CBD gummies too! 

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Exalt Drinks  

Another we like, and though its not a soda, is EXALT Drinks and their Chilled AF CBD range. Their best flavour is the delicious orange, mango and pineapple with cold-pressed ginger, lime and basil juice combination does wonders for the sense.

It may only have 15mg CBD inside, but because it’s made using water-soluble CBD, its onset is quicker – and as above, more effective. 



Inspirited offer something a little different to CBD in a can. That’s because this CBD is in a bottle, of GIN! This light and citrusy gin – the Chiron – is perfect for creating CBD cocktails with a delightful infusion of botanicals works in perfect harmony with the CBD.

The traditional London gin also has a great name. It was inspired by the centaur Chiron, famed for his wisdom and knowledge of healing. Now that’s what CBD is all about!

However, if you don’t just want CBD gin, they offer a bunch of different options too. If you’re looking further Muhu’s sweet hibiscus gin (40% ABV) with added CBD is also delicious, as well as a new string of CBD beers like Cannabrew. In this day and age, everything’s possible. 


You can buy most of these at major retailers including getting CBD drinks from Tesco and buying CBD drinks from Sainsbury’s. Everyone’s favourite health and wellness retailer, Holland & Barrett sells CBD drinks too.  

But trust us, it’s always easier to make your own drink with MightyMe. As far as we’re concerned, why not make your own customised, affordable and delicious CBD drink without the hassle of heading to the shop. Check out this table for a little more information.

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And, without further ado, here’s a few other ways you can add your daily CBD dose to make the perfect CBD drink, for inspiration. 

So you want to get your day off to a great start? Have a look at our own version of the Hailey Bieber Smoothie CBD Edible Recipe. Maybe you saw it when Hailey Bieber partnered with an American supermarket chain to launch a new smoothie drink. Yeah, it went viral on TikTok. In typical Hollywood style, some ingredients are pretty hard to find so we created with a recipe you can use with everyday items. Oh, and with MightyMe too!

 CBD Cocktail and gin cocktail recipes

Now for the 11am caffeine boost, try our CBD Turmeric Latte. Beautiful orange colour, warming spices and delicious. Now that’s a winter warming CBD infused drink. 

And finally, you’ve finished work.  It’s 6pm – or even earlier, if you’re feeling cheeky – and that means it is, of course, time for Spicy & Fruity Gin CBD Cocktails. Try the Elderflower and Thyme Father Time? Maybe the Ginger and Mint Infused Snow Burn? Perhaps our favourite, the Italy-inspired Olive and Basil Infused ‘La Med’ for a taste of summer. These are the CBD drinks to help you remember that summer is here and winter is never on the way out! 

But in case you like winter, why not snuggle on the sofa for a perfect CBD infused drink to chase the cold away. Our Spicy CBD Hot Chocolate recipe is ideal for those who love a little bit of zing. What a way to finish the day. 

In case you fancy any more inspiration, head to our CBD drinks page to find other great recipes for sleep, calm or pain relief. You won’t regret it.